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Ireland : strengthening families for life

Document type: article
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Abstract: This article highlights the work of the Commission on the Family that the Irish government entrusted with the task of producing comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the issues affecting families in Ireland; and with making wide-ranging recommendations across several different policy areas. The point is to make a positive contribution to developing coherent, progressive and effective policies for families. The article is a celebration of processes of consultation and reflection that goes on to review some of the first results of implementation. It also includes boxes about two successful Foundation-supported projects. These illustrate effective work to benefit young children, their families and their communities: the Community Mothers Programme; and the Together Family Centre.
Authors: Hazlett, C.
Country: Ireland
Category: Practice
End Page: 11
Serial number: 92
ISSN: 1387-9553
Journal: Early Childhood Matters
Keywords: children , aid programmes , policy
Language: eng
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Year: 1999
Region: Western Europe
Right: © 1999 Bernard van Leer Foundation
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 6
Title: Ireland : strengthening families for life