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South Africa : motivating in challenging contexts

Document type: article
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Abstract: The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), was established with Foundation support in 1978 and became one of the most prominent agencies in early childhood development (ECD) in South Africa. Its principal target groups are parents, caregivers, trainers and non formal pre-school teachers in townships and informal settlements; and ELRU aims to support initiatives that are created by the people themselves. However, it recognised that its approaches and programmes were not working well in some poor, violent, multiracial communities. Since the early eighties it has therefore been developing an idea that is wholly relevant to such contexts – in fact one that has been fashioned specially for these communities. It is called the Community Motivators programme. Community Motivators are people from the communities who start from whatever is there – which often means almost nothing in the way of development structures and resources. They give direct support to families, often on a one-to-one basis; and are also trained to network and link people with the fragmented services and resources that exist for children and families.
Authors: Brock, F.
Country: South Africa
Category: Practice
End Page: 42
Serial number: 90
ISSN: 1387-9553
Journal: Early Childhood Matters
Keywords: children , family , aid programmes , communities
Language: eng
Organization: Bernard van Leer Foundation
Year: 1998
Region: Southern Africa
Right: © 1998 Bernard van Leer Foundation
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 37
Title: South Africa : motivating in challenging contexts