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Verschuivingen in het klimaatdebat : een klimaat voor ontwikkeling?

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Abstract: At the Conference of the Parties (COP-13) in Bali, Indonesia, it was finallly agreed to establish and adaptation fund to minimize the impacts of climate change on developing countries. In addition, an arrangement was drawn up to compensate (developing) countries for the loss of income as a result of deforestation. This is of importance for reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. Many developing countries presented themselves in a more confident and expert way than ever before. They contributed to the final result of the conference by showing their willingness to share in the responsibility for fighting climate change. ICCO, Kerk in Actie and Oikos strongly support this approach of climate change as a development issue. The starting point is that everybody has the same right to development within the boundaries of sustainability.
Authors: Hogenhuis, C.
Series Title: Oikos Nieuws
Category: Policy
End Page: 8
Serial number: 50
Keywords: climate change , international cooperation
Language: nld
Organization: Stichting Oikos
Place: Utrecht
Publisher: Stichting Oikos
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Stichting Oikos
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Start Page: 6
Title: Verschuivingen in het klimaatdebat : een klimaat voor ontwikkeling?