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Niet liegen, maar de strijd aangaan

Document type: art_period
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Abstract: Dr. Amna Hassan is a human rights activist from Sudan who has fought against female genital mutilation in the Sudan over the past 30 years. She lobbies for her organization, the Sudan National Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the health of women and children (SNCTP), and is supported by ICCO (the Dutch Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation). One of the problems in rural Sudan is that women who are not circumcised are stigmatized and cannot marry.
Authors: Nhass, H.
Book or source title: ICCO Magazine
Country: Sudan
Category: General
End Page: 13
Serial number: Voorjaar
Keywords: women , health , culture
Language: nld
Organization: ICCO - Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Place: [Utrecht]
Publisher: ICCO
Year: 2009
Region: Africa South of Sahara , North Africa
Right: © 2009 ICCO
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 12
Title: Niet liegen, maar de strijd aangaan