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The Education for all programme

Document type: article
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Abstract: Education is a key parameter of sustainable human development and is essential for achieving international development targets. Development entails change of a societal and individual nature – education and learning of all kinds are key tools in enabling that change to take place, leading to new possibilities, new horizons and new connections. Education is also a fundamental human right and offers the hope that we can fulfil our potential as human beings. The vision of Education for All (EFA) is to offer to everyone a basic education of quality, enabling children, youth and adults to grasp new opportunities, become more active citizens, and to initiate, manage and sustain positive change.
Authors: Momo, S.
Category: Practice
End Page: 11
Serial number: 2
ISSN: 1824-7180
Volume: II
Journal: SpandaNews : newsletter of the Spanda Foundation
Keywords: education , human rights
Language: eng
Organization: Spanda Foundation
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Spanda Foundation
Subject: Education, Science and Technology
Start Page: 9
Title: The Education for all programme