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The future of privacy

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Abstract: In the last twenty years there has been a tremendous change in the battle for personal privacy. This is due to the enormous increase in the use of computers to collect data. Computers register all kinds of data about us, varying from which websites we visit and what products we buy on the internet, to the whereabouts of our mobile phones and our cars. Due to the fast increase in data storage capacity and the speed of computers it is now possible to collect such data for every person every single day of his/her life, which is something most people don’t realize. This data is not only used for the purpose they were originally collected for, but they are also connected to each other, used by other parties and even sold to companies, who use them for direct marketing purposes. It is impossible to stop the development of computer technology, thus the only solution to the problem is to pass laws that protect our privacy, similar to the ones that are already at work in Europe.
Authors: Schneier, B.
Category: Research
End Page: 25
Serial number: 1
ISSN: 1824-7180
Volume: III
Journal: SpandaNews : newsletter of the Spanda Foundation
Keywords: information and communication technologies , law
Language: eng
Organization: Spanda Foundation
Year: 2009
Right: © 2009 Spanda Foundation
Subject: Information, Knowledge and Communication
Start Page: 24
Title: The future of privacy