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Human rights and culture : from Datastan to Storyland

Document type: article
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Abstract: Today, we experience cultural changes due to mass migration, cultural disequilibrium and an international economic crisis. This article describes the clash between the old and new views on people, culture and security. Old views are that human behavour can be reduced to quantifiable data, that economic arguments are the only valid basis on which to invest money in cultural development, and that security can be created with conquest, punishment and the limitation of liberty. New ways of thinking are that people are infinitely complex, that creativity plays a critical role in personal and social development and the coping with crises, and that culture is the key to creating security rooted in caring and connection. This article gives examples on how artists and other creative people can heal social trauma, empower people, create opportunities to enter into dialogue even about the most polarized of issues, and help us envision the social transformations we hope to bring about.
Authors: Goldbard, A.
Category: Research
End Page: 25
Serial number: 1
ISSN: 1824-7180
Volume: III
Journal: SpandaNews : newsletter of the Spanda Foundation
Keywords: culture , arts , social development
Language: eng
Organization: Spanda Foundation
Year: 2009
Right: © 2009 Spanda Foundation
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Start Page: 21
Title: Human rights and culture : from Datastan to Storyland