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Sexual rituals among ethnic minorities in the Netherlands

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Abstract: Between mid-2006 to mid-2008, Soa Aids Nederland organised 10 kitchen parties with groups of 25 to 40 women of African origin and with health care experts as moderators. Soa Aids Nederland is the Dutch expertise centre for HIV and other sexually transmitted infrections and offers training, information and prevention materials. Many African women in the Diaspora do not have any close relatives and friends to celebrate life events with and therefore other women in the Diaspora become their family and fill the social support void created by moving from one’s home country. The 10 kitchen parties held were to celebrate a pending marriage or pregnancy or the birth of a child. Four of the pregnant women for whom the parties were held were living with HIV. These kitchen parties have become ideal spaces for women to discuss STI/HIV prevention and stigma.
Authors: Shiripinda, I.
Country: Netherlands
Category: Practice
End Page: 10
Serial number: 2
ISSN: [1871-7551]
Journal: Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Keywords: HIV and AIDS , disease prevention and control , culture , migration , women
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2009
Region: Western Europe
Right: © 2009 KIT
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Start Page: 8
Title: Sexual rituals among ethnic minorities in the Netherlands