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The Dutch Human Resources for Health (HRH) Alliance

Document type: brochure
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Abstract: In 2009, on World Health Day, a number of Dutch organisations organised an event on the topic of the global Human Resources for Health (HRH) crisis. Discussions between the many different actors present at this day resulted in the initiative to establish an alliance for HRH to join forces across sectors and contribute in a Dutch manner to addressing the global HRH crisis. The involvement of a mix of different actors and health workers is important to advocate for a strong health workforce based on long term sustainability, national self-reliance and quality care HERE and THERE. The alliance foresees that through cooperation and joint identification of opportunities and implementation of actions at (inter)national level the Dutch contribution to tackling the global HRH crisis will be reinforced. More information on the Dutch HRH Alliance can be found in this document.
Corporate author(s): Dutch HRH Alliance
Country: Netherlands
Category: General
Keywords: health , human resource management , international cooperation
Language: eng
Organization: Wemos Foundation
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: Wemos Foundation
Year: 2010
Region: Western Europe
Right: © 2010 Dutch HRH Alliance
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: The Dutch Human Resources for Health (HRH) Alliance