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The super-grid : a conversation with Gregor Czisch

Document type: article
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Abstract: In this interview Dr Czisch explains the feasibility of a power network able to cover the whole European energy demand with sole renewable sources, mostly with wind power, hydropower and biomasses. The proposal comes from a seven-year technical and economical study of the potential of those sources in different areas and implies an extended power grid interconnecting European and Saharan countries, the latter contributing thanks to their abundant wind resources. Such a super-grid would not only result in a cheaper and more secure electricity supply than that available today, but would also draw a new model of mutual inter-regional cooperation.
Authors: Colombo, A. , Czisch, G.
Category: General
End Page: 16
Serial number: 1
ISSN: [2210-2175]
Volume: I
Journal: Spanda Journal : quarterly of the Spanda Foundation
Keywords: energy resources , climate change , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: Spanda Foundation
Year: 2010
Right: © 2010 Spanda Foundation
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Start Page: 12
Title: The super-grid : a conversation with Gregor Czisch