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Sudan 2012 : scenarios for the future

Document type: report
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Abstract: This report about developments in Sudan after 2011 is based on a study by Jaïr van der Lijn of the Clingendael Institute, commissioned by IKV Pax Christi and Cordaid. Its purpose is to contribute to the debate about how to stimulate peace, security and development in Sudan and to present options for international action. This paper describes four possible scenarios for the future of Sudan, defined by two key uncertainties: 1) In 2012, will Sudan be united or will the North and South have gone separate ways? 2) In 2012, will there be a new war between the North and the South, or will there be no war?
Authors: Lijn, J. van der
Country: Sudan
Category: Research
Keywords: conflict , violence , peacebuilding , policy
Language: eng
Organization: IKV Pax Christi , Cordaid
PAGE: 25
Place: Utrecht [etc.]
Publisher: IKV Pax Christi [etc.]
Year: 2009
Region: North Africa
Right: © 2009 IKV Pax Christi & Cordaid
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: Sudan 2012 : scenarios for the future