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Influencing factors leading to adolescent pregnancy in tea estates in Sri Lanka

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: PROBLEM: Adolescent pregnancies are an emerging problem in Sri Lanka and particular among Indian Tamil adolescents (10-19 years) from the tea estates. The risks and consequences for health and socio-economical risks for mother and child such as increased risk for maternal and infant mortality are unacceptable large. THE RESEARCH QUESTION FOR THIS THESIS: what are the influencing factors for adolescents (10-19 years) in Sri Lanka, particularly in tea estates, that lead to pregnancy and STI including HIV infection? METHODOLOGY: Relevant literature has been reviewed to give an overview on the contributing factors. A conceptual framework from WHO was used to structure and analyze the findings. Evidence based preventive interventions in Asia guided to present recommendations for a local ngo and the local government. FINDINGS: the influencing factors leading to adolescent pregnancy in Sri Lanka occur in a society where premarital sex is unacceptable. Sri Lankan adolescents, and even less adolescents on the tea estates, have little knowledge on reproductive health and lack negotiation skills. Condom use is low and accessibility to contraceptives is insufficient. CONCLUSIONS: Adolescents in Sri Lankan tea estates are likely to engage in unprotected sexual activity with an associated increased risk for unwanted pregnancy STI including HIV infection. Lack of knowledge, skills and limited access to contraceptives, leads to severe unwanted health and social consequences. Family Life Education has insufficient impact to prevent adolescent pregnancies. RECOMMENDATION: Adolescents in Sri Lanka and especially in the tea estates, have an evident need for more access to quality reproductive health information as well as appropriate services which address their sexual and reproductive health needs. Behavioral change is the key for improvement and therefore Family Life Education need strengthening, with additional efforts to improve skills and knowledge of teachers and clinical staff.
Authors: Wisse, P.
Country: Sri Lanka
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: reproductive health , maternal and child health , children , youth
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: ix, 53
Year: 2008
Region: South Asia
Right: © 2008 Wisse
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Influencing factors leading to adolescent pregnancy in tea estates in Sri Lanka
Training: Master of Public Health / International Course in Health Development (ICHD)