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Typhoon preparedness in southern Vietnam

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: Although typhoons have not occurred frequently in Southern Vietnam, they caused huge damage for this region. Their effects are on human deaths, injuries, and infrastructure caused by cyclonic winds, storm surges and heavy rains. In this thesis the likely reasons for this damage are explored and the extent to which these hazards could have been prevented by comparing the typhoon preparedness in Southern Vietnam against the international recommendations for disaster preparedness. This comparison was made based on literature and by using the nine elements for disaster preparedness by Randolph Kent: vulnerability assessment, planning, institutional framework, information systems, resource base, warning systems, response mechanisms, public education and training, and rehearsals. Three main strong points are that Vietnam has a National Strategy for Natural Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigation; a well-known response mechanism: “four-on-the-spot”; and a large-scale Community Based Disaster Risk Management project for the most nationwide vulnerable communities. Gaps were found in all nine elements of typhoon preparedness for Southern Vietnam, of which four could be considered the most important ones. Firstly, vulnerabilities have not been assessed systematically so that decision-making for typhoon preparedness plans could be focused on vulnerable groups and written for the worst case situation. Secondly, there is lack of coordination among national committees and an insufficient legal framework to support disaster management activities. Thirdly, there is no comprehensive national training program targeting both professionals and responders. Finally, resources are mainly used for response activities, neglecting the preparedness; and disaster funds and insurances are not developed. Recommendations are made for improvement of typhoon preparedness in Southern Vietnam.
Authors: Vo, T.H.
Country: Viet Nam
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: disasters and emergencies , health , health services
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: vi, 45
Year: 2009
Region: Southeast Asia
Right: © 2009 Vo
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Typhoon preparedness in southern Vietnam
Training: Master of Public Health / International Course in Health Development (ICHD)