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The fight against fake drugs by NAFDAC in Nigeria

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: GENERAL OBJECTIVE: The objective of the thesis is to review the work done at my workplace, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), in the efforts made in controlling the circulation of fake drug products. METHODS: I reviewed the work of NAFDAC to identify their strength and weaknesses in the fight against sale of fake drugs as well as the drug regulating authorities of some other countries to identify their areas of success. The major player in fake drug business and factors that influences fake drug proliferation was also identified. STUDY OUTCOME/FINDINGS: The inability to close the unmonitored, unlicensed, unregulated chaotic open drug market that forms major drug distribution centre where many drug outlets patronize, has brought a wider spread of fake drugs without control. Government on the other hand, does not help the situation, as there is political setback in giving adequate penal sanctions to offender as stipulated in the drug laws. Some country’s DRA under study monitors easily drug channels from licensed manufacturers down to the dispensary, and they license these channels before they can distribute drugs. Hence, they are able to know when fake drugs filters into the market. The reasons why people patronize drug outlets as their first line for treatment are that they are cheap, close proximity, no consultation fees, flexible payment method, perception of confidentiality; they feel that the quality of care and attention received are adequate, high stock out rate at the health facilities. Hence, closing such outlets, seizing, destroying and penalizing the violators, as often done by NAFDAC through good, but it might not give a lasting solution to fake drug proliferation, as availability, accessibility and affordability is low, consumers will always demand for such services. CONCLUSION: NAFDAC has not been able to achieve good success in the fight of fake drug in Nigeria even with their intense effort to do so. Some of the reasons are lack of adequate and continuous support of the government. Inadequate support from some stakeholders that are expected to join team with NAFDAC in the fight such as the customs, police and the judiciary. RECOMMENDATIONS: The government should have a clear, firm and equitable legislation that addresses all important issues with appropriate sanctions for drug violators, provide financial support to the DRA especially in areas of staffing, GMP inspection, quality control laboratories and enforcement, should stand its ground in defense of situation concerning public health. In addition, giver full support when legislated sanctions are given to drug offenders. Support NAFDAC in closing the chaotic drug market by implementing the stipulated drug laws that drugs should not be sold at open market unless they are licensed to do so by the drug regulating authority. NAFDAC with the help of the government should adapt the strategy used in Tanzania and Ghana where the government started a program for accreditation of drug dispensing outlet (ADDO). Through this initiative, unlicensed drug vendors are licensed, regulated and trained to understand basic pharmacy ethics in order for them to provide better services to consumers that patronizes them. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FURTHER RESEARCH: How to provide good quality, affordable medicines in government clinics and hospitals; Action research on the strategies of licensing, training and regulating illegal drug vendors in Nigeria, as done in Ghana and Tanzania.
Authors: Chinwendu, O.
Country: Nigeria
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: health
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: vi, 60
Year: 2008
Region: West Africa
Right: © 2008 Chinwendu
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: The fight against fake drugs by NAFDAC in Nigeria
Training: Master of Public Health / International Course in Health Development (ICHD)