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Jaarverslag 2010 : 1 juli 2009-30 juni 2010

Document type: ann_report
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Abstract: This is the annual report of Heifer Foundation Netherlands for the year 2010. Heifer Foundation Netherlands was established on 1 July 1999 and is a member of the Heifer international network. Heifer contributes to a structural improvement of welfare and prosperity of people in developing countries, through integrated agricultural projects that are initiated and supported by their communities, with the involvement and financial support of Dutch donors.
Corporate author(s): Stichting Heifer Nederland
Category: General
Keywords: agriculture , animal production , capacity building , communities , sustainable development
Language: nld
Organization: HEIFER Nederland
PAGE: 59
Place: Roosendaal
Publisher: Stichting Heifer Nederland
Year: 2010
Right: © 2010 Stichting Heifer Nederland
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Jaarverslag 2010 : 1 juli 2009-30 juni 2010