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PI-DOC 3 : context-analysis

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Abstract: It is the intention of your organization to cooperate with a Dutch group, a so-called Private Initiative (PI), to realize a project that is important for your work. The Dutch want to provide (part of) the money, and also other forms of support. Before starting to work, however, it is very important to be certain that your project is absolutely necessary. Also, it is important to know which circumstances and people can influence your project, both in positive as in negative ways. To discover this, it is necessary to make a context analysis, before starting the project. The context of a project is the environment in which the project will take place. This environment consists of: other organizations, target group and institutions (cultural norms and values, laws, etc.) that will have an influence on the project. By doing an analysis, you map out the other actors in the field of the project, their relationships and what sort of relationship the project would like to have with these organizations. Next to actors, there are also factors in the environment of the project that could have a positive or negative influence on the project, for example political situation, climate, culture, etc. You may even conclude that the project is not really necessary, or would be impossible to realize.
Corporate author(s): MDF
Category: Policy
Keywords: aid financing , knowledge management , private sector
Language: eng
Organization: Wilde Ganzen - ontwikkelingssamenwerking
Place: Hilversum
Publisher: Wilde Ganzen
Year: [2003]
Right: © 2003 Wilde Ganzen
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: PI-DOC 3 : context-analysis