Diwan of Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt during the Muhammed Ali Dynasty

150 LE


Author: Dr. Khaled Azab and Mohamed Hassan

The first book in this series, entitled “Diwan of Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt during the Muhammed Ali Dynasty”, was issued in the framework of a new series of books entitled “Studies of Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy”; one of the scientific publications the publishing of which Bibliotheca Alexandrina is concerned.
The book reviews Arabic calligraphy and its history during Muhammed Ali’s dynasty from CE 1805 to 1952 as a vast epistemic and historical field, including all aspects of human creativity, and attempts to understand the history of Egypt through it. Bibliotheca Alexandrina sought in this book to present attempts to understand Arabic calligraphy and its significance
Among  the organizations which helped in the collection of information and data related to the Diwan of Arabic Calligraphy were the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the Egyptian Association of Arabic Calligraphy, and some of the families of eminent Egyptian calligraphers.