How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs

30 LE


Author: Mark Collier and Bill Manley. Translator: Dr. Khaled Dawoud

The main aim of this publication is to enable individuals to read and enjoy the hieroglyphs, and the language of ancient Egypt. It mainly aims at those who have no previous experience in reading hieroglyphs, and should also help others who would like to improve their knowledge in line with contemporary research.Above all, this publication is a practical guide. From the start you will be introduced to genuine hieroglyphic texts, with full supporting explanations and study aids, depending on collections of the British Museum, as well as coffins, tomb scenes and the famous Abydos King, List of Ramses II. Each chapter introduces the reader to a new feature of the hieroglyphic script or the language, and ends with copies of inscriptions on which one can practice his skills.
This publication has developed a perfect production, as it makes clear that all the existing introductions to ancient Egyptian script were either too brief or too detailed. The book is in Arabic language.