Qualifying Diploma for a Master in Hellenistic Studies

The Qualifying Diploma for a Masters in Hellenistic Studies is a requirement for non-specialists. Candidates who have not studied the classical period at the undergraduate level are required to take the Qualifying Diploma before going on to a Masters in Hellenistic Studies.

The Qualifying Diploma comprises 8 courses, and each course is 3 credit hours, totaling 24 credit hours in all. No thesis is required, but 75% attendance is compulsory. The diploma semester is fifteen weeks. Students wishing to proceed to a Masters program must score a minimum of 80.


Courses Offered:



     In addition to ONE of the following elective subjects:



50 credit hours are required; divided into 9 CRs Mandatory Courses, 9 CRs Core Courses and 12 CRs Elective Courses, in addition to 20 CRs of the complementary research (the thesis). Each course has 3 credit hours.

Students are required to take 10 courses, of which 3 are Mandatory, 3 are Core, and 4 Elective.


Students must attend 80% of each course.


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