The Manuscript Center Mission Statement

Established in 2002 as one of the academic centers affiliated to the BA, the Manuscript Center (MSC) witnessed a number of changes in its outlook and structure and partook in seminal achievements that gradually earned it a reputation as being one of the centers of excellence specialized in the study of Arabic and Islamic manuscript heritage all over the region.

First and foremost, the MsC would like to acknowledge the support of all those who exerted great efforts for the flourishing of this unique center whether by contributing to its academic research, or donating manuscript collections or exchanging digital and photoduplicated manuscripts. The MsC will be forever in their debt.

The Center’s main focus has become threefold: increasing its original collection of Arabic and Islamic manuscripts (c. 5000 mss); selecting manuscript copies (microfilms, microfiches, digital copies) from all over the world; and the study, cataloging and conservation of all such collections. In addition, the Center aims at establishing partnerships with world institutes of parallel interests to held symposia, workshops and exhibitions in various subfields related to Arabic and Islamic studies.The Center’s future plans subscribe to a view centered on producing manuscript editions, databases, digital copies and academic publications at the highest possible level of rigor and committed scholarship.

     The Center’s mission statement is thus: the production and dissemination of rigorous knowledge about the heritage of Islam.