29 November - 06 December 2022

“Butterflies Storytelling” Workshop and Theatrical Show.

The BA Program for Women Studies and Social Transformation in cooperation with Children and Young People Libraries, National Council for Women, The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Care Egypt Foundation, And Caritas Egypt are organizing “butterflies storytelling” workshop and theatrical show from the 29 of November to the 6th of December 2022. The workshop aims to discover the skills and strength points of the women participating in the event through acquiring them the skills of acting, writing, and storytelling to help them express their problems and getting liberated from its impacts that blocking their social and economic progress.

The workshop lasts over 4 days then concludes with the theatrical show “butterflies storytelling”, moreover, the event is one of the activities that The Program for Women Studies and Social Transformation is organizing as a part of “16 days activism against gender-based violence campaign” which runs this year under the theme “Together We Protect Her”