About us


WSST’s core activity is to conduct research in several major areas of women, gender issues and social transformation across history. It houses its own data collection program. A range of quantitative and qualitative methods are used, and increasingly, research projects follow a multi-method approach. Wide-range public opinion surveys, polls, research papers, scientific bulletins, articles, periodical newsletters amongst other publications are maintained under a comprehensive research program.

Seeking to expand its role on the national, regional and international levels, WSST places great emphasis on outreach and advocacy, undertaking a wide range of activities, including public lectures, conferences and seminars, hosting and facilitating workshops, organizing conferences and seminars, national awareness and community outreach programs that engage women and children amongst other groups of all ages, and other programs and activities that promote public awareness.

WSST also designs and implements awareness programs targeting audience of a wide range of backgrounds. Training materials are developed in-house, with continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that it enhances the capabilities of the trainees and contributes to capacity building of target population. Training of trainers, Internet-based workshops, youth forums and group discussions are also provided.

WSST also aims at engaging in strategic partnerships with institutions, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations worldwide thus building a strong network of partners.