Arabic Library Standards


MARC 21 Format for Classification Data in Arabic

Key Features of the Format

MARC 21 Format for Classification Data carrying classification information, plays a significant role serving library classifiers who work on different classification schemes. That role extends to include not just library classifiers, but also those of the various bodies who have their own local classification systems.

Furthermore, MARC 21 Format for Classification Data is of great use in maintaining and developing classification schedules systems and Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs) and retrieval systems.


Arabic Edition Highlights


The Arabic edition of MARC 21 Format for Classification Data is a faithful translation of the original English documentation with the original arrangement, layout and features.


Presents the format in its entirety, not just a selection of the most commonly used fields.


The documentation is adapted to meet Arabic Cataloging rules, augmented with examples emphasizing Arabic practices.


Features mainly Library of Congress Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification, yet supports other classification schemes that are enhanced to serve Arab libraries best classify their collections, ensuring the widest coverage. On top of these classification schemes are Arabic Dewey Decimal Classification 23rd ed., Mohamed Awad Al-Aidy’s translation of the 21st ed. of the Dewey Decimal Classification, the Bibliographic Classification of Islamic Sciences (‘At-tasneef Al-bibliographi  le’oloum Ad-din Al-Islami) by Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Salam Abu-Alnour, and more.