Arabic Library Standards


MARC 21 Format for Community Information in Arabic

Key Features of the Format

MARC 21 Format for Community Information allows the cataloguer to enter profound and detailed information about the catalogued material; being a one-time or an ongoing event, a person, a program, a corporate, etc. Encompassing all possible details and data about community information, this Format acts as a robust directory and reference to all what is community-related. Hence, MARC 21 Format for Community Information enhances knowledge dissemination and accessibility.


Arabic Edition Highlights


The Arabic Edition of MARC 21 Format for Community Information is a faithful translation of the original English documentation with the original arrangement, layout and features.


Presents the format in its entirety, not just a selection of the most commonly used fields.


The documentation is adapted to meet Arabic cataloging rules, augmented with examples emphasizing Arabic practices and featuring a variety of Arabic Personal and Corporate Names, Subject Headings, Programs, Events, etc., from all over the Arab region, besides keeping their English equivalents that were included in the source text. 


Features various Subject Heading Lists and thesauri  to guarantee diversity, covering a wide variety of practices.

Ethnology Tracing and Documentation        

MARC 21 Format for Community Information is of considerable importance in documenting and tracing ethnology of Arab families and the activities that these family members carry on.