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The   BioFair@BioVisionAlexandria
26-29 April 2006
Technical Guidelines to Exhibitors

Admission to the BioFair@BioVisionAlexandria

  • The BioFair@BioVisionAlexandria addresses publishers and organizations in the field of Life Sciences and related subjects.

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) will lease out the booths space and provide exhibitors with tables, chairs and shelves upon request.

  • BA will be in charge of the set-up and dismantling of the stand.

  • Choose your preferred booth place from the provided floor plan. Confirmation of booth booking will be finalized upon submitting the full application form and the receipt of full payment of the fees.

  • BA is not responsible for any theft or destruction of the exhibitors' goods.

  • After dismantling, the exhibitor must hand over the booth and its accessories to the staff designated by the conference organizing committee.

  • The exhibitor will be held responsible for any damage or loss of the booth and the accessories leased, in which case any fines will be paid before leaving the exhibition area.

Booth rent fees :

1- To select booths, click the Floor Plan ,
choose your booth and click it.

2-  Fill the registration form and submit.

for registration and details of method of payment will appear upon completing registration form



Registration before
1 December 2005

Registration after
1 December 2005


A or B or D

$175 per m 2

$ 190 per m 2


$105 per m 2

$115 per m 2


A or B or D

€150 per m 2

€ 165 per m 2


€100 per m 2

€110 per m 2


A or B or D

1000 EGP per m 2

1150 EGP per m 2


600 EGP per m 2

700 EGP per m 2

Terms of payment
The booth rental is to be paid in only one installment, following guidelines which appear when you complete registration form.

• Amount should be paid in full within three weeks of booth assignment.

N.B : BA may select and purchase some of the publications exhibited for its own collection and reimburse the value to the exhibitor.

If the cancellation request is received:

  • Before 1 st January 2006, the BA will refund 75% of the rental cost;
  • Between1 st January and1 st March 2006, the BA will refund 50% of the rental cost

After 1 st March 2006 , there will be no refund

Cancellations Should be signed by exhibitors and sent by registered mail, fax or e-mail to:

Mrs. Layla Abdelhady
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
P.O.Box: 138, Chatby,
Alexandria 21526, Egypt
Fax: +(2 03 )482 0470

  • Before 1 st January 2006, the BA will refund 75% of the rental cost;
  • Between1 st January and1 st March 2006, the BA will refund 50% of the rental cost
  • After 1 st March 2006 , there will be no refund.

Telephone, facsimile connection and Internet
International telephone lines, fax and Internet are available within the Conference Center.

Customs, taxes and duties/forwarding agent
The exhibitor should have his own forwarding agent and will be responsible for handling/paying any expenses.

The BA will provide security from 25 to 30 April 2006.

Deadline for display 25 April 9, 2006.  

No storage is available.

  1. Gluing posters, or any such work that may have an effect on the general design of the booth. Posters are to be hung using the already existing hangs and hooks available in the exhibition halls, with prior approval from BA.

  2. Using carpets or floor covers in the exhibition halls.

  3. Drilling holes; insert screws in the walls, ceilings, and floors of the exhibition halls.

  4. Using or installing electrical connections. This will be the responsibility of BA allocated technicians.

  5. Moving or changing their allocated locations.

  6. Using samples of products or balloons filled with flammable or toxic gas.

  7. Bringing any external sound system.

Promotional opportunities
Please be informed that we include the following advertising opportunities free of charge:

  • Name of exhibitor in: “Guide to Exhibitors”.

  • Name of exhibitor in: “On-line Guide to Exhibitors”- link to exhibitor website through their reserved   area on floor plan.

  • Flash animation with company logo on the BioVision Alexandria 2006 website, whenever company logo is sent to Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Mrs. Layla Abdelhady
Special Programs
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
P.O. Box 138 ,
Chatby, Alexandria 21526,
Tel.: +(203 )483 9999 ext 1700
Fax: +(203) 482 0470
Cellular: +(2) 010 170 4453