First BA Regional Workshop on the Epidemiology of
Diabetes & Other Non-Communicable Diseases
5-13 January 2009

Registration Criteria


o Who should attend?
Young health professionals, mainly from the MENA Region, with a strong interest in research.

o Criteria for acceptance
- Age: less than 35 years.
- Language: fluency in English is a must.
- Position: preferably appointments in academia and/or where research is likely  possible (example: a diabetes research group).
- Evidence of research interest (example: publications, previous statistics courses).

o   Duration/schedule
Daily from 5th – 13th of January 2009

o   Expense handling
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina will cover the registration fees and full accommodation expenses of the trainees but trainees will be handling their own travel expenses.

o   Deadline for registration
30th November 2008