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The Frequently Asked Questions space is one way to find quick answers to your questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please send us your questions through the Sharing Space.

Question: What is the meaning of the front picture of the website?
Answer: You can see adults and young people in this picture. The idea is to show collective work, a place where all ages can meet and share together. The balloons represent the Planetarium of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina; rolling to new friends.

Question: Is this website only devoted to workshop activities?
Answer: For now we focus on this kind of activity but it will be opened to other kind of data in the near future.

Question:Does the public have access to all the details of the workshop activities?
Answer: No. The public area of the ERC website only shows part of the information about the workshops including pictures.

Question: Who is able to access the Restricted Area?
Answer:The animators from Planetarium Science Center, the administrator of the website and granted contacts can access this Restricted Area.

Question: What is the Sharing Space?
Answer: The Sharing Space is a place where all public can ask the animators and staff of the Planetarium Science Center any question. It will engage in an interactive dialog.

Question: I would like additional details, or I have a comment on one of the workshops. How can I share it with you?
Answer: Ask for anything you wish to know or share through the Sharing Space.

Question:I would like to take contact with the animators of the Planetarium Science Center. How can I do that?
Answer: You are welcome to take contact with us through the Sharing Space.

Question: I would like to show the website link of my institution on the ERC. Is it possible?
Answer: Send us your link through the Sharing Space and if it is authentic, it will appear on the ERC website.

Question: Do we need to officially sign a convention to become partners of the Planetarium Science Center?
Answer: No. To become a partner and have access to all data only requires confidence, mutual understanding through dialog with our animators, exchange of information and ideas…

Question: What is the meaning of a Search Box?
Answer: It allows you to search easily and faster any information on the ERC website.

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