User's Guide


Toward the overall goal of improving student access to scholarship opportunities in the Arab region, this guide has been developed in order to acquaint applicants to university with the process of applying to university, application requirements, and university application terminology commonly used. In addition, it provides, practical advice on how to fill out applications and how to prepare university application supporting documents, such as CVS and recommendation letters.

This manual is divided into three sections:

  • Academic Terminology: This section includes terminology of university application and academic terms.
  • Standard Examinations: This section lists all the major standard tests which applicants may be required to attend to be able to apply to university and scholarships.
  • Useful Tips: This section provides practical advice on different aspects of the university and scholarship application process.


To use this guide, it is recommended that the unacquainted reader browse through the Academic Terminology section, so as to become aware of the language used in later sections. The reader can then take a glimpse of the Standard Examinations section, which may be needed to apply to university, their content and requirements. Finally, the reader may wish to make use of some the Useful Tips in relation to university application, which may increase his/her chances of being accepted at university and receiving a scholarship.