There is an urgent need in the African continent to help establish hands-on science centers created in the belief that curiosity, knowledge and appreciation of science are essential for the healthy survival of the individual, the community and the planet.

The African Academy of Sciences and the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, are collaborating to promote science and technology in the African continent. The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) was founded with a mandate to mobilize and strengthen the scientific community in Africa. The Library of Alexandria is a local institution with regional and global agendas in science communications. The two institutions join hands to act upon the Inter Academy Council Report of 2004 “Inventing a better future”, where it clearly states that “enhancing science and technology capacity in developing nations is truly a necessity and not a luxury”.

PANS is a new initiative that aims to bring different levels of organizations working in the field of informal science communication in Africa to collaborate together in various projects. This will be achieved through sharing of resources and expertise.