The Challenges of the Science City

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the New Library of Alexandria, aspires to implement a landmark honouring the enterprise of science. In light of its mission, the Library of Alexandria has endorsed a science city project by organizing an open, one stage international architectural competition for the comprehensive master plan and conceptual design. The new “Science City” complex will be built on the western edge of Cairo, in the heart of the 6th of October City. This new complex, to be constructed on prime land, calls for inspiring new comprehensive master plan and conceptual design; that will ultimately create the first 21st century science museum, learning and research facility in Egypt.

The Philosophy Of the City

The design of science city will create a set of buildings and spaces that must be inspiring on the outside and motivating and exciting on the inside to visitors and employees alike. It must express a particular vision of the search for knowledge and the pursuit of science.

Humans interact with one another and with nature. They explore the limitless universe and the inner self and the subtlety and complexity of these explorations and social relations form the web of life. Such explorations result in expressions that we have come to call Art or Science. But exploration is at the root of being human from our youngest years to the winter of our lives.

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This competition is a one-stage open international competition for a comprehensive plan and conceptual design; organized in accordance with the UNESCO regulations for international competitions in architecture and town-planning upheld by the International Union of Architects (UIA).


The first winner prize - US$ 110,000
The second rank prize - US$ 70,000

The third rank prize - US$ 40,000
The fourth rank prize - US$ 20,000

Four mentions prize - US$ 5,000


Competition Announcement
15 April, 2016
Registration Deadline
15 May, 2016
Opening Q&A
12 May, 2016
Site Visit for Participants
22 May, 2016
Closing Q&A
09 June, 2016
Final Collective Q&A
16 June, 2016
Submission Deadline
17 August, 2016
Technical Preparations
18-23 August, 2016
Jury Sessions
23-28 August, 2016

Public Announcement for Winners,
Press Conference and Opening Exhibition

29 August, 2016
Total days from Announcement till Submission 122 Days

Registration & Submission

Competition Registration and Submission will be according to the rules and regulation mentioned at the Terms and Conditions document, attached to this website

Registration deadline has passed

Site Visit & Answers to Queries

The competitors may visit the site during the last two weeks of May, 2016 in the company of the competition technical advisor. Details for the site visit will be communicated to all competitors. The travel and accommodation expenses for competitors will be financed by the competitors.

Inquiries regarding the regulations and program of the competition must be submitted to the technical committee by e-mail. Only queries received within the designated period, stated in the competition timetable, shall be answered and all competitors will receive a copy of the answers.

Answers will be given by e-mail to all registered competitors, listing the entire question raised and giving the replies provided by the organizers of the competition. Answers to queries shall be regarded as additions to, or corrections of, the Terms of the Competition.