This project was the one that best responded to the challenges of the brief. The design is subtle but rich. It involves various levels of planning. It displays a blending of aspects of several of the “types” that were so visible: the circle, the striation, the berm (or dune), the legible apparatus of sustainable performance, the complex of courtyards, the oasis, etc. But the overall impact is one of a unified composition of great elegance and finesse.


The Project very sensitively refers to the desert landscape and sand dunes. It offers a multitude of expressions and melds into the natural landscape and appears quite modest despite its size. It generates architectural forms undulating calmly on the landscape creating a distinct series of expressions on the site, while the usual Cairene urban skyline around it remains busy and uneven. It thus becomes very inviting as a promise of quiet and mystery, and its very unusual form contributes to its iconic character despite its intentionally unobtrusive character. There is a proposal for a partial oasis in the middle of the building- which can be just as dramatic at night as during the day.

The Project has a very simple plan of rows of spaces and corridors interestingly and directly solved, and allows a very straightforward scheme for phasing. The project warrants the second prize for its unique approach to building in a direct reference to the characteristic landscape of dunes.


This project showed a very high level of professional and artistic skill. It provides a series of dynamic and dramatic spaces that are fluid in character. It integrated landscape ideas persuasively.

The site is considered as a place for collaboration, enjoyment and learning. The design of the building is flexible in terms of use as well as phasing. The distinct “organic” forms of the complex are in contrast to the surrounding sites and buildings and suggest a number of interesting spatial possibilities inspired by the sciences.

The project was logically phased, and exuded richness and complexity through subtle deployment of courtyards, water, green elements, and space-shaping - even the covered parking.


A well worked out scheme which produces a straightforward project that fulfills the criteria of the brief. The clear geometry based on a simple “nine square” scheme enables the easy phasing of the project. The central element of the project, twisted tower structure provides a symbolic beacon which can be seen from afar. The landscape surrounding the building allows the visitor to participate in the viewing of outdoor installations related to the sciences.

Honorable Mentions

Tsampikos Petras, Georgios Chousos

Honorable Mention Prize, Greece.

Joaquim Caetano de Lima Filho, Daniel Henrique Ribeiro, Giliarde Silva, Guilherme Oliveira, Lucas Moretti, Raissa Shizue

Honorable Mention Prize , Brazil.

whitespace architects

Honorable Mention Prize, United Arab Emirates

Francisco Jorquera

Honorable Mention Prize, Spain.