Introduction To UNL

The Universal Networking Language (UNL) is an artificial interlingua attempting to replicate the functions of natural human languages in communication. The mission of the Universal Networking Language Program (UNLP), as initiated by the United Nations and devised by the Universal Networking Digital Language (UNDL) Foundation, is to enable all people to generate information and have access to cultural knowledge in their native languages.

Moreover, UNL will offer a powerful platform for inter-lingual communication in furtherance of the purpose of sustainable development, intercultural understanding and dialogue, and peaceful sharing of economic and social world resources. UNL applications will include multilingual web pages, a UNL encyclopedia, and others.


In July 2004, partnership with the UNDL foundation was established and an agreement was signed in favor of the Bibilotheca Alexandrina (BA) to host Ibrahim Shihata Arabic-UNL Center (ISAUC).


The UNLP consists of a network of people engaged in the common endeavor of universal access to information.The core of the UNL system is a pair of software tools that bridge between natural languages

Recent Activity

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