Natural resource management & land tenure

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KIT Dossier Natural resource management & land tenure

Last update: Wednesday 14 December 2011


Access & control of natural resources

This dossier deals with the management of natural resources and the governance of land, which determine access to and control of assets that play a key role in rural livelihoods and often also in power relations. Due to population growth, depletion of resources, poor land potential and climate change, pressure on land and natural resources is growing, resulting in competing claims. The emergence of local governments in rural areas is changing the institutions that influence access, control and management, and thus the sustainable use of these resources.

More detailed information on natural resource management and land tenure within the context of decentralization and governance can be found in the 'In-depth' section as well as in the part on KIT's involvement. Links to relevant articles, books and websites, with a regional focus on West Africa and Sahel countries, are provided in the 'Resources' section.

If you would like to make any comments on this dossier or suggest additional resources, e-mail Sjon van 't Hof. Inquiries on KIT’s expertise and activities in this field can be directed to Thea Hilhorst or other members of the team Rural decentralization and local governance.

For more resources on this topic, please refer to the KIT Portal Rural Decentralization and Local Governance.

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Rural Decentralization and Local Governance


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