Rural Decentralization and Local Governance

Participatory budgeting in the municipality of Santo André, Brazil : the challenge of linking short-term problem-solving with long-term strategic planning

Acioly, Claudio | 2002
  • Author(s): Acioly, Claudio
  • Publisher: Institute for housing and urban development studies (IHS)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: municipal government, budgeting, popular participation, social groups, strategy, latin america, brazil
Using the experiences of the municipality of Santo André, this paper examines issues underlying the integration of participatory budgeting as a short-term planning activity and the recently started strategic planning process as a long-term development planning process.

Resettlement and gender dimensions of land rights in post-conflict northern Uganda

Adelman, Sarah | 2012
  • Author(s): Adelman, Sarah
  • Publisher: Authors]
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: conflict, agricultural development, governance, gender, land use, land rights, uganda
The effect of displacement and resettlement of households on gender-differentiated access to land and land investments in northern Uganda is examined. Even low levels of land conflict undermine land governance and management, constrain productivity, and serve as a source of persistent violence.

An assessment of the strategies adopted by Adamawa state government towards achieving Millennium development goals (MDGs) in water supply

Adewusi, Olusegun Adegoke | 2012
  • Author(s): Adewusi, Olusegun Adegoke
  • Publisher: Centre for promoting ideas (CPI)
  • Pages: 265--271
  • Keywords: local government, co-operation between organizations, development strategies, water supply, nigeria
The paper assesses the various strategies adopted by Adamawa state government in ameliorating conditions of water supply in the state with a view to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It is shown that success rests on the good co-operation between state and local governments.

Donor obligation for public sector reform in Nepal

Adhikari, Ganesh P. | 2012
  • Author(s): Adhikari, Ganesh P.
  • Publisher: Macrothink institute
  • Pages: 104--117
  • Keywords: civil society, development policy, finance, development assistance, governance, local government, nepal
A study of donor support for better governance in Nepal reveals that financial and policy support is highly necessary for strengthening local authorities and civil society organizations. Local authorities are the best performers of good governance among development actors in Nepal.

Assessing pre-election political space in the 2011 local government elections

Africa, Cherrel and Lynch, Gerry | 2012
  • Author(s): Africa, Cherrel and Lynch, Gerry
  • Publisher: UNISA press
  • Pages: 40--59
  • Keywords: human rights, elections, local government, south africa
A systematic assessment of pre-election space in the 2011 local government elections shows that whilst the vast majority of South Africans can freely vote and express their opinions, pre-election campaign space is fragile and not given, and will therefore need to be nurtured in future elections.

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