Rural Decentralization and Local Governance

The role of local government in promoting wellbeing : Healthy communities programme

Aked, Jody and Michaelsen, Juliet and Steuer, Nicola | cop. 2010
  • Author(s): Aked, Jody and Michaelsen, Juliet and Steuer, Nicola
  • Publisher: Local government improvement and development
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: local government, social development, development planning, education, housing, united kingdom
Cases from UK show how councils and the local partnerships they form affect change in the well-being of our communities. Several of the most important levers for improving well-being - planning, transport, education, leisure, housing - are instruments of local government.

Democratic governance and participatory budgeting : a theoretical discourse of the Nigerian experience

Akindele, Sunday Tunde and Afolabi, Yakibi Ayodele and Ayeni, Oluwadare Ojo | 2012
  • Author(s): Akindele, Sunday Tunde and Afolabi, Yakibi Ayodele and Ayeni, Oluwadare Ojo
  • Publisher: Better advances press (BAP)]
  • Pages: 85--98
  • Keywords: finance, development planning, poverty alleviation, popular participation, budgeting, local government, nigeria
The democratic governance and participatory budgeting of public sector finances in Nigeria, both nationally and locally, are discussed. Recommendations include: empowerment of the poor to enable more effective participation; and targeting resources to programmes directed to the poorest localities.

Decentralization, local government elections and voter turnout in Pakistan

Akramov, Kamiljon T. | 2008
  • Author(s): Akramov, Kamiljon T.
  • Publisher: International food policy research institute (IFPRI)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: local government, elections, legitimacy of governments, voting, income, pakistan
This paper analyses the impact of electoral mechanisms, the credibility of elections, and voters’ socio-economic characteristics on voter turnout, using survey data from the 2005 local government elections in Pakistan.

Accountability in local government revenue management : who does what?

Akudugu, Jonas Ayaribilla | 2012
  • Author(s): Akudugu, Jonas Ayaribilla
  • Publisher: International institute for science, technology & education (IISTE)
  • Pages: 22--32
  • Keywords: finance, accountability, management, local government, public administration, ghana
Using financial responsibility charting, this study found that the members of the Asante Akim South District Assembly in Ghana who are supposed to hold others accountable do not have a fair understanding of the responsibilities of the core staff in the financial management chain.

Decentralisation in The Gambia : report of a high-level workshop on 'Managing change in local governance' held in Banjul, The Gambia, 7-9 April 2008

Alam, Munawwar | cop. 2009
  • Author(s): Alam, Munawwar
  • Publisher: Commonwealth secretariat
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: decentralization in government, local government, governance, gambia, africa south of sahara
The workshop enabled senior policy-makers in The Gambia to focus on the enormous challenges involved in implementing local government reforms. Country experiences in Commonwealth Africa were considered and various reform options were discussed.

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