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TWAS-AREP aims to promote scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development in the region.


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TWAS Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize 2021

11 Aug 2021

Acknowledging the vital role Science and Technology plays in our societies, TWAS Arab Regional Partner has named the theme “Scientific and Technological Achievement in Engineering Sciences” for the 2021 Young Arab Scientist (YAS) Prize. The award aims at recognizing and rewarding the scientific work carried out by individual young scientists who live and work in developing countries.

Call for the “African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health”

15 Jul 2021

The initiative convenes researchers in the public health sciences from sub-Saharan Africa and Germany for the exchange of ideas and establishment of networks.

TWAS Arab Young Affiliates 2021 – 2026

13 Jun 2021

Each year, the five TWAS Regional Partners each select up to five scientists under the age of 40 years to be 'TWAS Young Affiliates' for a period of six years.

TWAS Arab Regional Award for 2021 in “Public Understanding and Popularization of Science”.

13 Jun 2021

TWAS Regional Awards for 2021 will be awarded in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to popularize science, and have developed new strategies that serve the popularization of science and technology in developing countries.

Call for Nominations to the AAAS David and Betty Hamburg Award for Science Diplomacy

09 Jun 2021

AAAS David and Betty Hamburg Award for Science Diplomacy