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DECIMALS Fund – second call for proposals

28 May 2022

The Degrees Initiative (formerly the SRM Governance Initiative or SRMGI) is pleased to announce the opening of the second call for proposals for the DECIMALS Fund. DECIMALS is run in partnership with TWAS, The World Academy of Sciences, and it supports teams of scientists in the Global South as they model how solar radiation modification geoengineering (SRM) might affect the climate in their regions. 
SRM is a controversial proposal for reducing some of the impacts of climate change by reflecting some sunlight back into space. It has the potential to be very helpful or very harmful in the fight against global warming and the stakes are highest for climate-vulnerable developing countries. Much more research is needed if humanity is to make an informed decision about SRM and a much broader conversation is needed if we are to make an equitable decision.
DECIMALS, which stands for Developing Country Impacts Modelling Analysis for SRM, is the only SRM research fund aimed exclusively at developing countries. It is ground-breaking and has supported the first SRM research projects in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States. 
We are now looking for more teams to join the 
DECIMALS community. This second funding round will award grants of up to USD 75,000 to support scientists as they explore how SRM could affect the climate impacts that matter most in their regions - from droughts to cyclones to rainfall changes. 
DECIMALS is about more than just research, however. Its wider goals include capacity-building, community-building, and expanding the conversation around SRM. Research teams therefore receive financial support to attend conferences, to collaborate with other SRM experts from around the world, and to present their research to local stakeholders.
Please Visit the funding page if you would like to learn more about the grants, eligibility, and the application process. Applicants do not need to be experts in SRM at the time of application as there has been little research on this across the Global South to date. The call is open from now until 15 July 2022 (23:59 CEST).