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Alwane Bahrain; At the core of Alwane Bahrain's work are the Bahraini women, who are seen as a fundamental pillar of the Bahraini economy. Particularly, Alwane Bahrain's mission revolves around highlighting the role that women can play in enhancing the Bahraini economy, ensuring that Bahraini women are self-determined in choosing for themselves both their careers and level of contribution to the economy, and strengthening and advocating for programs, laws, and regulations that improve the status of women in various sectors of the labour market. Not only does Alwane Bahrain seek to increase the percentage of women contributing to the labour market, but it also strives to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of women to follow their chosen career paths, raise awareness about the roles and responsibilities of women in playing an active role in the economy, and supporting and encouraging women to take up executive positions.

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