Phase 3

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Youth for Change phase III succeeded in reaching out and supporting hundreds of Arab youth in the different targeted Arab countries:

  • 22 youth have been chosen as focal points to coordinate and promote the program activities in their countries as well as 5Advisors to join the phase III advisory board.
  • 24 host organizations supported and promoted the program. This promotion along with TIG and BA networks made it possible for over 400 youth to participate in the knowledge sharing events, 200 to participate in the live chats and proposal writing sessions.
  • We received 350 project applications for the mini-grants of which 42 were selected to receive the program mini-grants. However due to circumstances related to the Arab spring, only 26 received them and implemented their projects.
  • 26 winners were invited to Bibliotheca Alexandrina in December 2011 to present their projects and participate in capacity building sessions. 10 coordinators joined them to evaluate their projects.
  • Youth for Change website has attracted till now 17,000 visitors from 169 countries. Social media accounts were created in phase III ( Twitter has 304 followers, Facebook group has 7,000 members and Facebook page has 1095 members, Flickr has 370 photos uploaded, Youtube has 600 views).
  • The number of TIG members from the MENA region increased from 6,200 - 8,000, which is an increase of 1,800, over the course of the program. These new members have been actively contributing to the different sections of TIG including the discussion boards, blogs, Panorama and Global Gallery sections.

To download phase 3 report click here.


Program Team

Eng. Esraa Adlan
Program Manager
Heba El-Rafey
PR & International Communications Director
Jennifer Corriero
Executive Director
Michael Furdyk
Director of Technology and Finance
Tala Nabulsi
Program Manager

Country Coordinators

Abdiaziz Hersi Warsame
Country: Somalia
Abrar Wagdi
Country: United Arab Emirates
Adel Gana
Country: Algeria
Ahamed Ben Nour
Country: Comoros
Ahmed Salah
Country: Egypt
Basma Al Sultan
Country: Kuwait
Essam Asaad
Country: Iraq
Farah Al-Faraj
Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Grace Al Azar
Country: Lebanon
Hafedh Ben Miled
Country: Tunisia
Hala Subhi Murad
Country: Jordan
Heba Daiji
Country: Syria
Jamal Bin Ghanim
Country: Yemen
Manar Idris
Country: Palestine
Mansour Aati
Country: Libya
Mariam Mabrouk
Country: Qatar
Milad Ammari
Country: Bahrain
Mouktar Omar
Country: Djibouti
Nagham Howash
Country: Sudan
Naoufal Oulda
Country: Morocco
Rajel Boilil
Country: Mauritania
Saif Al Sharji
Country: Oman

Agents of Change/Winners

Abdellahi Mohamed
Country: Mauritania
Project: Democracy and Rights Generation
Adham Al-Ghishan
Country: Jordan
Project: Enough with stray bullets
Ahmed Al-Yasiri
Country: Iraq
Project: A civil youth community
Ahmed Al-Wasei
Country: Yemen
Project: Youth Dialogue
Al-Maloum Oubeck
Country: Mauritania
Project: Electronic Knowledge: Combating ICT illiteracy
Amani Masaeed
Country: Palestine
Project: Bringing global hope today
Amna Abdel Rahman
Country: Sudan
Project: My green school
Anouar Lakhal
Country: Morocco
Project: Arts village
Asaad Majeed
Country: Iraq
Project: Youth Development and Education
Aymen Cherif
Country: Tunisia
Project: Social Integration for youth
Bassem Saddouli
Country: Tunisia
Project: Arab Youth Portal on Water
Brahim Ablal
Country: Morocco
Project: An orphan’s smile
Djalaleddine Dahmani
Country: Algeria
Project: Im Concerned!
Fouad Ouggad
Country: Morocco
Project: Express yourself
Karim Sadiq
Country: Egypt
Project: Fighting viral Hepatitis
Marwa Eissa
Country: Egypt
Project: Reading with no disabilities: Eradicating Braille Illiteracy
Marwa Rahbi
Country: Oman
Project: My decision is my life
Marwa Baabad
Country: Yemen
Project: Debate Clubs
Mohammad Saad
Country: Iraq
Project: We are all orphans
Mostafa Ali
Country: Egypt
Project: Awareness and Recycling in Shakshook Village
Mourad Harfoosh
Country: Palestine
Project: Made by our hands
Omar Hawajiri
Country: Palestine
Project: Health Education and Social Awareness for Gaza communities
Sameer Fakhoury
Country: Jordan
Project: Green Snow ball
Tariq Taweer
Country: Sudan
Project: Developing the infrastructure of the village of Bant
Yahia Al-Yamani
Country: Jordan
Project: Reading for all: The reader of today is the leader of tomorrow


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