Rajel Boilil

Country of Nationality: Mauritania
Country of Residence: Mauritania

Rajel Boilil is an independent journalist and a youth empowerment adviser. He received his Masters in Geography from the University of Nouakchott. He also received also a diploma of teaching from Teacher's Training School, Nouakchott, Mauritania. He is currently a member of the Higher Council For Mauritanian Youth. Moreover, Rajel is the head of dialogue Association for culture and creativity and Youth For Change Program Coordinator. He is also the founder and the director of Drama Integrity School and the Secretary General of the National Group for Cultural policies. Rajel plays great roles in many academic programs at the national and international level in many institutes, focusing mainly on religion, diversity, community and good governance.

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Phase 3

Country Coordinators | Country: Mauritania

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Country Coordinators | Country: Mauritania

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Country Coordinators | Country: Mauritania

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