Hala Subhi Murad

Country of Nationality: Jordan
Country of Residence: Jordan

Hala Subhi Murad is a community and environmental activist, interested in fields related to sustainable development. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Sciences. She is a member of the steering committee for the Middle East Network, an expert for learning and teaching at MENIT from Jordan, an officer of children rights file in Amman Center for Human Rights, and a member of the Jordanian Working Women Society. Hala participated in many seminars, forums and workshops, such as, the National Forum for Economic and Social dialogue towards an effective partnership, North universities on nuclear energy forum, CSO Forum 2016 EU Engagement with Civil Society and Support for Human Rights, and a workshop with the United Nations on climate change "Climate change from Paris to Amman"

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Phase 2

Agents of Change/Winners | Country: Jordan | Project: Green Snowbal

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Country Coordinators | Country: Jordan

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Country Coordinators | Country: Jordan

Phase 5

Country Coordinators | Country: Jordan

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