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The Arab Institute for Human Rights; Founded within a context of deep political changes at the global and Arab levels in 1989, the Arab Institute for Human Rights was created at the initiative of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, the Arab Lawyers Union, and the Tunisian League for Human Rights. Over the years, the Institute has received continuous support from institutions such as the UNHCR, UNESCO, UNICEF, the European Commission, IKO, the Dutch Organization, and the Ford Foundation. Moreover, not only does the Institute hold an observer status at the League of Arab States' Joint Arab Committee for Human Rights and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights of the African Union, but it has also received the special consultative status at the United Nations' Economic and Social Council, the executive status with UNESCO, and the consultative status at the United Nations' Information Center. To achieve its objectives, the Arab Institute for Human Rights collaborates with a significant number of national, regional, international, governmental, and nongovernmental bodies, both within and outside the Arab world. Since the establishment of the Institute's office in Beirut in 2002, the Institute has worked on disseminating the culture of human rights in Lebanon through the organization of several human rights training workshops.

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