Sara Salah

Country of Nationality: Egypt
Country of Residence: Egypt

Sara Salah holds a Bachelor of Media Communications with a minor in International Relations from Monash University, Australia, Malaysian Campus. She was an Honor Roll graduate from the Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP), Sunway University, Malaysia. When she first joined CIMP in 2011, she volunteered as a student helper for the new comers at the international students office for a period of four months. She later became a Sunway student agent and ambassador for Middle Eastern students in 2012. Having lived in various countries in the Middle East and Asia, she is fluent in three languages and is very passionate to explore and learn about other cultures.

Upon graduating, she began volunteering at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the public relations and the international communications department, where she got to meet a number of very remarkable figures from all around the world and gain a great experience in discipline, protocol and assistance by working on different national and international events. A major angle of Sara's degree focused on researching the effects of new media technologies in relation to political affairs and the current political communication and participation. Sara takes a great interest in the field of social media and has completed a course in social media campaigning.

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Phase 4

Program Team | BA | Position: Program Assistant

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