Book Launches: Memoirs of Nubar Pacha

The Alexandria and  Mediterranean Research Center organized a book launch "Memoirs of Nubar Pasha" .  The event took place on Saturday 12th June, 2010 at 7.00 pm. At the Conference Center, Lectures Hall. 

The book is  about  Nubar Pasha who came originally from Armenia,  and who held various positions at the Egyptian Government such as Minister for Transport, Works, Interior and Foreign Affairs,  and was also selected as the first Prime Minister of Egypt in the Principals created by Khedive Ismail in 1878, and held the post three times before he died in 1899.

The Memoirs reveal Nubar’s other side and  who was  often accused of taking the side of foreigners against  the Egyptians, and which is denied in his memoirs. The translation of the notes  for the first time from French to Arabic is by  Mr. Jarraud Tabkien.