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*Saturday October 26th:

9H30 Gathering in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel and departure to the Louvre Abu Dhabi
10H00 Visit of the Louvre
11H30 Departure to Sorbonne University
*Sorbonne Abu Dhabi
12H00 Lunch and registration
13H30 Inaugural session and plenary conference
Amphitheatre “Robert de Sorbon”
Part 1: Official speeches by representatives of the organising countries

Opening of the conference by

Dr. Laurence RENAULT, Sorbonne Abou Dhabi

welcome by Dr. Hala Bayoumi, Scientific leader of the symposium

14H00 Speeches by partner representatives:
Prof. Fréderic LAGRANGE, CEFAS
Prof. Nagy MAGDY, Bibliotheca Alexandrina 

Part 2: Plenary conference – Keynote Speaker -  (presentation: 30 minutes, questions: 15 minutes)

Moderator : Dr. Sébastien OLIVEAU
Reporter : Mrs Coline HOUSSAIS


Dr. Thomas MILO, Civilization in Transition

How an old text trail-blazes innovation from analogue to digital

15h25-15H45             Coffee break

Thematic sessions Presenation: 15 minutes, questions: 5 minutes


Interdisciplinary Digital Archiving

President: Prof. Frédéric LAGRANGE, Sorbonne University/ CEFAS
Reporter : Dr. Radwa ZAKI

Prof. David Joseph WRISLEY: Digital Humanities Practices and Archival Appraisal in the Contemporary Arab World

Prof. Jean LAMBERT: The First Commercial Recordings of Yemenite Music (1935- 1960): A Data Base for the Future

Dr. Pavel BASHARIN: Judeo-Arabic Literature of genizot from the Abraham Firkovich Collection of the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg

Mrs. Coline HOUSSAIS: Nightingales in Baghdad – 1920s-1950s Iraqi Music, Archives and Live Performance

Mr. Pierre FRANCE: Bootleg Patrimonialization of Arabic Music Practices


*Sunday October 27th: National Archives of United Arab Emirates


Gathering in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel and departure to the National Archives of United Arab Emirates

9H30 – 11H00                 

Methodologies for Heritage Preservation »
President: Dr. Pavel BASHARIN, Russian State University for the Humanities, Mardjani Foundation (Moscow, Russia)
Reporter : Dr. Juliette HONVAULT

Dr. Ahmed MANSOUR: Digitization Arabic Typography: Bulaq Press Contributions

Mrs Noemi DAUCÉ/ Mrs Alice QUERIN: Digital archives: making Louvre Abu Dhabi collections available to everyone

Prof. Safwa BEDEIR: Virtual Archive and its Role in Recreation and Gathering of Document (An Applied Study).

Eng. Manal GHONEIM: Documentation of Architectural heritage with 3D modeling and 3D GIS (Alexandria as case study)

11h00-11H15 Coffee Break

Scientific Data Analysis in the Arab World
President: Prof. David Joseph WRISLEY, NYU Abou Dhabi
Reporter : Mrs Coline  HOUSSAIS

Prof. Alicia GONZALEZ / Dr. Thomas MILO: A working solution for searching in Arabic scripted-texts.

Prof. Muhamed ALKHALIL/ Dr. Almotasem ALRAHABI: Identifying and Analyzing Places in Arabic Fiction Corpora

Mr. Clement DE BELSUNCE: The Skills and data platforms of Aix-Marseille University at the service of research in the human and social sciences in the Mediterranean

Eng. Dalia GALAL: SDMX Procedures from A Demographic Persective in Egypt

12h45 –13H45 Lunch

Digital Libraries in the Arab World   
President: Dr. Thomas MILO, DecoType team - The Netherlands
Reporter : Mrs Alaa QAQ

Prof. Bradley BAUER: Digitization Means Access: Using Digitization to Extend the Reach of Cultural Heritage Materials in a Global Network University

Dr. Radwa ZAKI: The Digital Projects for Studying the Islamic Inscriptions

Mr. Messaoud BELIANE: Training on Digital Archiving at the Institute of the Library and Documentation Science, University of Constantine 02


Manuscripts, rare books and endangered documents in the Arab World
President: Prof Jean LAMBERT, Musée de l’homme
Reporter: Mr. Pierre FRANCE

Dr. Walid GHALI: The Digitisation of Manuscripts Collections in The Arab World - What is the Way Forward?

Dr. Fatima CKEIKH: Manuscripts and Rare Books Digitization Project in the Algerian National Library: Readiness Assessment.

Mrs. Suzan DAANA: Palestinian Archive as a Case study.

Mr. Hassan ELMESSABI: Can this present link the past to the future?


*Monday October 28th: Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

Amphitheatre “Robert de Sorbon”


Gathering in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel and departure to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

Digital Archives & Collections for Knowledge Dissemination

President : Prof. Alicia GONZALEZ MARTINEZ, The Asien-Afrika-Institut, Universität Hamburg                 
Reporter : Dr. Ahmed MANSOUR

Dr. Julliette HONVAULT: Archives in a Global World: The Challenging Project of Digitizing the Archives of the Yemeni Teacher and Leader Ahmed Muhammad Nu’man (1909-1996) in Aix-En-Provence (France)
Eng. Rami ROUSHDI : Egyptian Press Archive of CEDEJ, case study of Arabic press archive repository
Mrs. Alaa QAQ: Khazaaen; an attempt to preserve social archive in the Arab World

Eng. Peter SOCCAR: Arab World Online Archive
11H00-11H30                           Coffee Break

Synthesis, conclusion and perspectives

Moderators: Dr. Hala BAYOUMI, Dr. Yann RODIER et Eng. Ahmed SAMIR

Mrs. Coline HOUSSAIS, Dr. Radwa ZAKI, Dr. Juliette HONVAULT, Mrs. Alaa QAQ, Mr. Pierre FRANCE, Dr. Ahmed MANSOUR

13H00 Lunch and city tour