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Projects Websites

Anwar El-Sadat Digital Archive

On February 17th, 2009 under the auspices of H.E. Mrs Mubarak, El Sadat digital archive and museum were inaugurated in the presence of H.E. Mrs Gihan el Sadat. The project is a joint collaboration between the International School of Information Science (ISIS) and the Special Projects Department at the BA.

Digital Assets Repository (DAR)

DAR acts as a repository for all types of digital material, preserving and archiving digital media, and providing public access to digitized collections.

Memory of Modern Egypt

The Memory of Modern Egypt project is a joint endeavor between ISIS and the BA’s Special Projects Department to produce the definitive repository for culturally and historically significant material pertaining to the modern state of Egypt, thus preserving these materials in digital form and making them available to all in an online archive.

Digitization of Description de l’Egypte

Description de l'Egypte was the outcome of the collaboration of more than 150 prominent scholars and scientists who accompanied Napoleon in 1798, and some 2000 talented artists and technicians.

L’Art Arabe

L’Art Arabe is one of the most important books about the Islamic monuments of Egypt. The work postdates the Description de l'Egypte by six decades. This valuable collection consists of three plate volumes and a text volume which was digitized by ISIS.

Gamal Abdel Nasser Digital Archive

Nasser was Egypt’s second President, and one of the most important Arab leaders in history. He attracted all people through his dedication to Arab unity and positive reactions and vision of Librating Egypt and all Africa.

Online Access to Consolidated Information on Serials (OACIS) for the Middle East

OACIS is created for a publicly and freely available electronic union list of serials and journals from or about the Middle East.

The Digital Library of Inscriptions

Documenting scripts written on Pharonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic Monuments not only in Alexandria, but any monument in the world.

The Internet Archive

Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Internet Archive is the second center worldwide holding a full copy of the Internet Archive in San Francisco.

The Supercourse

The Supercourse is a global repository of lectures on public health and prevention targeting educators across the world.

La Main à la Pâte

LAMAP was implemented for promoting scientific investigation within the framework of primary school education. Both French and Arabic versions are:

My Book: Digital And Printed

My Book is designed to enable children to relate to both printed and digital information in a seamless fashion.

Arab InfoMall Portal

Arab InfoMall website provides Egyptian and Arab civil society an opportunity for exposure and interaction locally, regionally and globally while enriching their awareness of other active civil society organizations (CSOs).

The Development Gateway

The Development Gateway offers users access to the most comprehensive database of development projects, an international procurement marketplace and knowledge sharing on key development topics.

Virtual Immersive Science and Technology Applications (VISTA)

Virtual Reality is one of the very practical tools of visualization during research. This walk-in virtual reality system enables interactive work within three-dimensional computer-generated models and environments.