I am a beginner in Hieroglyphs, how can I start

You can start immediately through the study of some simple Hieroglyphic script lessons available on the Internet. The Internet is a suitable place to start learning the ancient Egyptian language. If you are serious about learning the ancient Egyptian language, you should read an accurate book related to this topic, the most famous book How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs? By Mark Collier and Bill Manley. For additional information, you can browse the pages of the selected sites and links, also to participate in the hieroglyphics educational courses organized by the BA Calligraphy Center.

To whom is this educational website directed

This specialized website is dedicated to anyone who is interested in learning the ancient Egyptian language. It is not necessary to be familiar with the rules of this language; this site is dedicated to all beginners who want to learn hieroglyphics.

Where can I obtain the hieroglyphic transliteration font

It is possible to get it through: http://www.yare.org/egypt/fonts.htm

Where can I buy books about the ancient Egyptian language

There are many well-known and leading libraries on the Internet that offer books about the ancient Egyptian language, such as: www.amazon.com And for the book of How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs?, It is found at the Library of Alexandria bookshop, and the website of CULTNAT: http://www.cultnat.org

How did Rosetta Stone help in understanding the ancient Egyptian language

This Stone was named Rosetta Stone as it was discovered in the town of Rashid (Rosetta) in the Nile Delta in the Mediterranean Sea. On this Stone one text was inscribed in three different scripts: hieroglyphs, Demotic and Greek, and this Stone was the key to deciphering the hieroglyphs. The Stone was discovered by a French soldier, who was with Napoleon Bonaparte in his campaign to Egypt, 19 July 1799. It contained a Royal Decree issued in Memphis during 196 BCE by the Egyptian priests commemorating the memory of Ptolemy V Epiphanes. This Stone during its discovery was a linguistic mystery and was not deciphered for hundreds of years, until the French archaeologist Jean-François Champollion deciphered these languages after comparing with the Greek text and other hieroglyphic texts.

What are the ancient Egyptian language scripts

Ancient Egyptian language was written in four different scripts: 1- Hieroglyphic Script: Hieroglyphic means “sacred inscriptions”, referring to its inscription on the walls of sacred places, and was written in raised and sunken reliefs on the walls of the fixed or movable monuments. Hieroglyphs was an official writing style to record events and religious texts. 2- Hieratic Script: The word is derived from the Greek word hīratikos, meaning “priestly”; reference to the usual script used by priests. The Hieratic Script is a simple form of Hieroglyphic script, or in other words an abbreviation of it. In its writing, reed and ink were used, because Hieratic was not carved in stone as hieroglyphs. 3- Demotic Script: It is known as “the popular script” reflecting its daily use. Hieratic was written on papyrus and ostraca. 4- Coptic Script: It represents the last stage of the development of Egyptian writing. The word Coptic is probably derived from the Greek word Aegptos referring to the Egyptian citizen who lived on the land of Egypt, and to the writing that expressed his language at that stage.