The Twelfth Issue of Abgadiyat
31 December 2017

The Calligraphy Studies Center is pleased to announce the publishing of its newest scientific publications, which is the Twelfth Issue of Abgadiyat.

The 12th issue of Abgadiyat is quite exceptional as it includes a number of topics written in different languages. It comprises a total of eight research papers: three papers in Arabic, four in English, and one in French. Said researches also vary in content. For instance, a number of papers focus on stone carvings, each of which tackles the topic from a different viewpoint: the “Observations on Stone Carvings in Qatar” tackles the topic from a spatial perspective, “Stone Carvings from the Pleistocene Epoch to the Paleolithic Period (Old Stone Age)” focuses on a temporal perspective, and “Desert Rock Art: The Status Since 2010 and Expectations” focuses on aesthetic aspects. This issue also examines topics related to the ancient Egyptian language; “The Text of the Funerary Papyrus of the High Priest of Amun ([Imn] niwt nxt) at the Egyptian Museum” discusses the Hieratic writing and “Three Ostraca Artifacts with Demotic Script from Medinet Habu” tackles the Demotic script. The issue also offers additional research papers, some of which examine the ancient South Arabian script (musnad) discovered in Giza governorate in Egypt while others study the writings found on religious buildings, which date back to the Ottoman period, in Tripoli and offer insightful studies on a variety of subjects. All papers are the outcome of extensive efforts in conducting research and compiling scientific material that has not been tackled before in order to publish the findings through Abgadiyat—a journal that aspires to become an apt platform for researchers from around the world.