About the Journal


Abgadiyat journal was accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities for academic promotions. This achieves the mission of the BA as a distinguished center for learning.


In 2012, an agreement was signed between Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Brill Publishing house; that provides Brill the publication rights to all material published in the Journal beyond the Middle East.
It is worth to be mentioning that Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The Company’s head office is in Leiden (The Netherlands) with a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Brill was founded in 1683, and is considered to be an important publisher of journals, with nearly 200 titles in various subject fields.

 Vision and Mission

The scope of Abgadiyat  is the study, documentation, conservation and inter­pretation of the writings, calligraphies, paleography, epigraphy and inscriptions in the world.
The vision of Abgadiyat is to publish the new academic research results in the field of inscriptions and history of writings. The recent research results help in better understanding the history of ancient writings, and how they were developed to the present writing systems. In addition, Abgadiyat promotes the study of inscriptions and history of writings all over the world, as well as disseminates the interest of studying the relationships between ancient scripts, paleography, calligraphy, and epigraphy.


The Writing and Scripts Center is honored to invite researchers to contribute in Abgadiyat the scientific-refereed journal. MA and PhD holders are encouraged to submit their work, whether it is the outcome of coursework, a student thesis, an independent study, or a directed research project.