The Thirteenth Issue of Abgadiyat
30 June 2019

This issue is considered as a unique one, as it contains a number of scientific researches, which were diverse in their languages: Arabic, English and French. The researches varied also in its subjects. It dealt with various topics as a “Analytical Study of Nabataean Inscriptions in Wadi Maktab”. It is worth mentioning that the Center documented these inscriptions through plentiful photos during the preparation of the center’s projected entitled “Journey of Writing in Egypt”, in addition to Tham

It is worth mentioning that the Center is currently in the process of receiving the participation of researchers in 15th  Issue (2020) of the Abgadiyat, which will be devoted to research, scientific projects, and book presentations related to writings, religious and funerary inscriptions (Ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman era). The Center receives researches through electronic registration on the Abgadiyat website, to communicate via e-mail: